Quality Senior Healthcare in Austin, Texas

WellMed keeps the CARE in Senior HEALTHCARE.

WellMed’s mission is to change the face of healthcare delivery for seniors. We have been recognized as a leader in preventive care and internal medicine by the healthcare industry, especially in Weslaco and McAllen, TX. Our Coordinated Care delivery system is designed to meet the individual healthcare needs of seniors. Our Coordinated Care system includes:

  • Coordinated CareProactive healthcare provided by a primary care physician
  • Specialist referrals coordinated by on-site referral coordinators
  • Patient Transportation Assistance Program available
  • Disease Management programs
  • Health Coaches and more.

Your health is our top priority.

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WellMed & the City of San Antonio

WellMed and COSA have joined forces to provide a Medical Home for seniors at City-owned one-stop senior centers.