About the Company

Beyond Regular Medical Care. Innovators in Senior Healthcare.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, WellMed Medical Management is a diversified healthcare company serving more than 87,000 patients and plan members, mostly Medicare-eligible seniors in Texas and Florida.

Founded in 1990 by Chairman and CEO Dr. George M. Rapier III, WellMed provides an innovative healthcare delivery system for Medicare-eligible patients. WellMed is recognized as an industry leader in medical risk management, highly effective disease management and chronic care programs, healthcare delivery services, and more.

WellMed’s practice management company works with more than 100 independent physicians’ offices in the Greater San Antonio (TX) and Greater Orlando (FL) regions.

Our name, WellMed, commands respect and recognition for the work we accomplish by keeping the patients we serve healthy and informed with up-to-date medical information and resources.

WellMed's mission is to change the face of healthcare delivery for seniors by providing quality, proactive patient care with a focus on prevention. We believe that patients are entitled to receive a concierge level of medical care and service delivered by physicians and clinic staff who understand and care about their health.

Are you a healthcare provider?

WellMed hires different senior-focused healthcare providers for our clinics and affiliates.

2009 Top Places to Work

WellMed was recognized by its employees as one of the Top Places to Work.